The North American marketplace is a complex web of different laws, traditions, and ways of doing business.  In particular, as General Counsel for the North American operations of a Sweden-based multi-national for 15 years, RHC has developed successful methodologies to ease the access of global companies to the North American economy and thrive in the process.  We provide cost effective business consultation grounded in sound legal advice.

Transactions and Contracts

Business entity acquisition and divestiture work, including due diligence, negotiation, document preparation and post-closing issues. Contract review, preparation and consummation, including complex construction, environmental remediation, purchase, sale, employment, non-competition, outsourcing, consulting, sales representative and distributor agreements, and FAR and DFAR regulatory compliance.

Environmental Issues

Environmental remediation plans under state and federal government regulations, with special experience in the handling and sale of environmentally challenged properties.

Risk Management and Control

General claim and multi-tiered product liability litigation, from the preparation of defense to proactive mitigation and risk avoidance measures,
as well as all lines insurance placement, broker and underwriter interface.

  Building Your Bridge to North America
ichard B. Hodgson, Esq., founder of RHC, has spent 35 years mastering the management of various legal risks affecting companies. As executive counsel for several large global corporations, he has been instrumental in helping U.S. and international companies create successful American operations.

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